Kurt Buss July 6, 2023

Kurt Buss | 2023-07-02 18:06:05

"A great, classic grocery store that reminds me of the traditional family stores before the warehouse food chains changed everything. Great selections of produce and meat, and the smell of fried chicken will hook you as soon as you get in the store. I live in San Luis and will come here instead of going to Alamosa when I need to stock up. "
TMac November 3, 2022

"Nicely stocked small town grocery store. Easy to find products distributed by Affiliated Foods (reminds me of home). Fair selection of hot breakfast/lunch foods ready to go..."
Tyler Tollenaar November 3, 2022

Tyler Tollenaar

"Love the staff they are all so helpful and awesome have the best avocados around lol and the cheapest cigarettes."
Martha Hoover November 3, 2022

Martha Hoover

"Great place to do business. Bob Plane is an awesome guy. I personally worked for him for 5 years and he was amazing as a boss. Always willing to help."